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First Aid Letter

Dear parent/carer

I am writing to you to support us with trying to clarify protocols around First Aid.  Currently the number of students leaving lessons to see First Aiders is very high.  While we have, of course, a duty of care to all children, our trained First Aiders are being called out too often for issues which do not require treatment.

We cannot, I’m sure you agree, provide a catch-all Nursing service.

I hope it is useful then to make clear that First Aid is treatment for something which has happened in school.  The following ailments do not require treatment by a First Aider:

•      Dizziness

•      Headache

•      Nausea

•      Stomach ache

•      Sore throat

•      Cold

•      Cough

If any student feels unwell, ONLY the Head of House can allow the student to go home.

 There will be the odd occasion when a child is too ill to continue in school and we would then be in touch to arrange for the child to be collected to go home. Please tell your child that they must not telephone you directly to be picked up from school.

Please support us by reinforcing that school is a place for learning.

Yours sincerely

David Spence