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Mangotsfield Secondary

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Ofsted Report

Ofsted Inspection January 2015

The Team of Inspectors noted that:

“School leaders quickly responded to areas requiring improvement that were identified in the previous inspection and are aware of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. Since the previous inspection, school leaders have raised standards so that they are now in line with those found nationally. This includes the most able students”.

They were impressed with the following:

  • The school’s work to keep students safe and secure is good.  Students’ behaviour is good and contributes to their positive attitudes to learning.  The school is a safe place and students show a sense of pride in being a part of it.
  • … improving teaching and achievement … greater level of challenge for the most able students throughout the school, including in the sixth form.    
  • The quality of teaching over time in modern foreign languages is particularly strong and students’ achievement is above the national average in this subject … teaching of mathematics has led to improved outcomes … improvements in the teaching of English.
  • … teaching in the sixth form is now improving strongly.  Students in the sixth form show good attitudes to their learning … sixth form students say they feel well supported,
  • … strong working relationships between teachers and their students … students settle down to work quickly in lessons.  Students appreciate the additional time that their teachers will give them if they fall behind with their work.
  • … support through the pupil premium funding have begun to close the gaps in attainment at Key Stage 3.  Students with Special Educational Needs and disabilities receive appropriate levels of individual care and support.
  • High quality and independent advice about careers and further education is introduced and developed from Year 7 onwards.  This leads to students making well-informed choices about university courses, training and employment.
  • The school’s promotion of students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development prepares them well for life in modern Britain.
  • …Governance is good.

The Ofsted team found some inconsistencies in teaching and achievement, and said that the school Requires Improvement.  In summary they said that the school should:-

  1. Ensure consistency of good teaching by having high expectation of all students,
  2. Accelerate further the rate of students’ progress, in particular in English and for students in the sixth form.

The school is already working to put their advice into practice, along with continuing the strategies praised in the inspection.  To download the Ofsted report, please click here.

HMI Visit - March 2013

School Improvement Plan: Improving to “Good”

At the end of March, we hosted a visit from a leading member of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) who met students, staff and governors. She confirmed that Mangotsfield School and the Local Authority have acted swiftly to address the grade three judgement from our recent Ofsted inspection. This is the same grade as our last inspection, although Ofsted has replaced the description ‘Satisfactory’ with ‘Requires Improvement’. We have adapted our school plans to ensure that we promptly improve to ‘Good’. We will talk again with HMI after our examination results in the summer.

During the January Inspection, Ofsted recognised that the school has the ability to improve and that many areas of the school are already good. Before the inspection, we were implementing policies to ensure that all areas of the school show consistently good practice. Achievement is already very good in Mathematics and we have made several changes in English to ensure that results in this subject are also good, as they were affected by the late alterations to grade boundaries in English last year.

In particular, Ofsted recognised that the behaviour of our students is good. Inspectors noted that our students feel safe in school and that they are capable of contributing well to lessons. We were also delighted to have Ofsted confirm that our attendance is excellent and that the new reward system is improving things still further.
Ofsted noted the improvements that we are making and the school is continuing to adapt its practices so we are at least consistently good in all that we do. We are working on three areas in particular:-

We want the very best achievement for all students - we keep careful track of their progress, moving swiftly to put support in place. At this time of year, we keep a particularly close eye on our Year 11 students and use a range of strategies to intervene. Easter courses targeted those Year 11 students who need more support. We also have new school strategies to support the reading and writing of our students, recognising that these vital skills are essential to success. We are working with a national organisation called Achievement for All to ensure that Special Educational Needs support is targeted more effectively. We are particularly grateful for the parental support that we have received for our Plan for Learning strategy which puts in place home-school support for certain students.

We have refocused our approach onto the main elements that are essential for good teaching and learning. We monitor these closely through weekly learning walks by senior staff and middle leaders, supported by governors. Our staff training focuses on sharing good practice, from both within the school and from the range of excellent national training materials and research findings that are available. Extra training and support is put in place in any area where teaching is anything less than consistently good.

The leadership of the school, at all levels, is focussing on ensuring that all our practice is at least consistently good. Heads of Year and Heads of Subject work together with the School Leadership Team, Governors and our Local Authority Advisor to ensure that good practice is the minimum expectation. We shall continue as a school to monitor our work closely with our Governors and the Local Authority to achieve the challenging goals that we have set for our students. Our next Ofsted inspection will be within two years and we look forward to demonstrating that the school is consistently ‘Good’.

Thank you for your continued support.

Richard Badley
April 2013

Ofsted Inspection - January 2013

Ofsted Quotes:

  • "Students behave well. They feel very safe, secure and happy in school. Safeguarding arrangements are excellent."
  • "Senior leaders have introduced a literacy programme which is leading to marked improvements in students' reading."
  • "There is some good and outstanding teaching in mathematics, languages and religious education."
  • "Sixth Form students enjoy learning, have confidence in their teachers and are well supported."
  • "Changes in senior and middle leadership in certain departments have seen a greater focus on raising achievement and a determined capacity to secure further improvements."

Letter to parents:

To read the Headteacher's letter to parents following the Ofsted Inspection in January 2013 please click on the link below.

Letter to parents regarding the Ofsted Inspection in January 2013(pdf)

Follow the link below to see recent Ofsted reports for Mangotsfield School on the Ofsted website:

Mangotsfield School - Ofsted Inspection Reports

8 March 2012 - Modern Languages Subject Inspection

Ofsted Quotes:

  • “Students make good progress and a greater-than-average proportion gain a pass at grade C or above in GCSE examinations. “
  • “Studying a language makes a strong contribution to [students'] personal development.”
  • “Students in the sixth form make good progress and the current Year 13 students are demonstrating above-average attainment.”
  • “Teachers are enthusiastic and committed to their teaching. “
  • “The very strong team spirit in the department allows and encourages teachers to share good practice. Languages have a high profile in the school and are at the forefront of new initiatives from time to time.”
Read the March 2012 Ofsted report here.

23 September 2011 - Section 8 Inspection Report

Ofsted Quotes:

  • "The school has made good progress in making improvements and in demonstrating a better capacity for sustained improvement."
  • "The school is on track to meet its challenging attainment targets."
  • "The school has made good progress in improving the quality of planning and teaching."
  • "Excellent attention is given to each individual [Sixth Form] student with a sensitive balance being maintained between ensuring that students are successful and their wider personal development."
  • "The school has used its engineering and science specialism to provide a curriculum that is matched well to students’ needs and aspirations and this has made a significant contribution to improving their motivation, enjoyment and achievement."
Read the September 2011 Ofsted report here.