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Mangotsfield Secondary

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Special Educational Needs and Disability

At Mangotsfield school we have a strong inclusive ethos.  This is shown through the large team of staff who help and support all students but especially those with additional needs. 

The department is made up of a SENCo and several Teaching Assistants who have a variety of skills in supporting students.

If you think your child may benefit from extra support or you have any questions about the support he or she is receiving then please contact Mr Marsh at the school. (m.marsh@mangotsfieldschool.org.uk)

     School Information SEN Report

SEN Report

SEND Mentoring Scheme

At Mangotsfield School we know that, sometimes as a parent supporting your child through their schooling can be difficult. This can be even more challenging if your child has a special educational need.  The school has set up a scheme, in conjunction with the national charity Achievement for All, to offer parents a mentor/caseworker.

This caseworker could be a teacher, teaching assistant, or member of support staff. They will hold regular meetings with parents, students and any other relevant adults and be an additional contact for parents during the day. They would also mentor the student and act as their advocate in school and be able to support them through their studies.

If you feel your son or daughter would benefit from a Plan for Learning or having a caseworker please contact Ms Chard at the school.

How do we support students

At Mangotsfield we recognise that support for students begins with high quality teaching and so we provide information on good practice for teaching students with additional needs including dyslexia, ADHD and autism. We are involved with regular training sessions for teachers on how best to plan and deliver lessons for students with dyslexia and other barriers to learning.   In line with the recommendations outlined in the SEN Code of Practice, we have a graduated approach to support.  We give many students a support pack which includes resources to help them access lessons.  The pack could include coloured overlays, whiteboards or books to keep key words in.

SEND Teaching Strategies

For more detailed information about the different teaching strategies we use to address the various needs of students please download the appropriate document from the list below:

Teaching Assistants

Our teaching assistants are linked to departments or pupils with statements of Special Educational Needs.  At present the Maths, English, Science, Modern Foreign Language, Humanities and DT departments have a teaching assistant assigned to them.  Teaching assistants support their teaching colleagues through preparing extra resources, working with small groups in the classroom and checking the understanding of those with additional needs.  They also mentor students and act as a link between home and school for some students. 

Homework Club

The SEN department runs a homework club open to all students regardless of need. It takes place in EN7 from Monday to Thursday after school.  Teaching assistants are available to support those who have difficulties with homework or just want a quiet place with access to a computer to work.

Transition year 6-7 and in year 11

The SEN department will contact local primary schools to find out which students will need extra support. For some we will then offer extra visits to school during year 6.

We also work closely with the Youth Intervention Support Service to make sure that students with statements of SEN have support with the transition to post 16 education.

Support from outside agencies

In preparation for the new changes to SEND provision proposed in the current Children and Families Bill we have worked with AFA (link to website) to update our SEN register. We can draw on advice from different outside agencies such as educational psychologists, doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals. We receive advice and support from local authority experts in behaviour, speech and communication and literacy difficulties.

SEND Register

All students who receive support from the SEND Department are placed on the school’s SEND Register at either School Action or School Action Plus and parents are kept informed as to their progress. These students will also have a Student Profile which will highlight their individual needs and this will be distributed to all their teachers. Some students may also receive in-class support within different areas of the curriculum.

Students with social/emotional/behavioural needs may also receive support from the SEND Department and this support may take a variety of forms.

Inclusion Base

Mangotsfield also has an Inclusion Base which is used to support students who may be experiencing a variety of needs which are preventing them from accessing the learning environment. Students may attend the Base for agreed set sessions and for a specified period of time. The Inclusion Base compliments the existing support systems in school.

Useful Support Links

Please visit our Community Support Groups page to see a selection of useful links to support groups, including parents' supports groups and services for the South Gloucestershire area.

Mangotsfield Support

Useful information from a parents meeting regarding SEN support at Mangotsfield School can be found by following the links below:

Presentation slides from the evening (pdf)

Parents' questions answered (pdf)