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Mangotsfield Secondary

September 2020 wider reopening



How do I check my health before school?

Before leaving home for school, check yourself against the main signs of coronavirus:

  1. High temperature
  2. New continuous cough
  • Loss or change to sense of smell or taste

If systems are detected, do not come to school. Follow government guidance (use 111 to confirm next steps). Contact the school to inform us of your situation.

What should I do if I have hay fever or asthma?

If you are a hay fever sufferer, please take any required medication before you leave home and ensure you are carrying your own tissues. If you are overcome with sneezing in school, you may be asked to go home so please ensure you have taken responsibility for your own health. If you require an asthma inhaler, please ensure you have it on you at all times.

What should I wear to school?

All students should wear full Mangotsfield School uniform.  Please click here to view the Uniform Brochure.

What should I pack in my bag?

From September, it will be more important than ever for students to be fully equipped every day. It is essential for students to carry a school bag. Students will need to bring:

  1. A named water bottle
  2. A pencil case containing 2/3 blue or black pens, 2 green pens, 2 pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 eraser and a ruler. For maths lessons you will also need 1 protractor or circle measurer, 1 compass (for drawing circles) and 1 Scientific Calculator - most students use Casio fx-83GTX or Casio fx-85GTX.
  3. PE kit on days when you have PE.
  4. A packet of tissues.
  5. A small bottle of personal hand sanitiser.
  6. Any packed food or drink.  
  7. A plastic bag containing a plain face mask, if you choose to wear one. 

What should I bring to eat or drink?

The dining hall will be closed at break time. You must bring in your own snack and drink and go straight to your break zone to eat it there. We are hoping that a "meal deal" approach to lunches will be available for choice and collection in the dining hall at lunch time. If you want to buy a lunch in school, please go straight to the dining hall, complete your purchase and then go straight to your zone. 

What should I do with my mobile phone?

The school policy remains that mobile phones should be switched off and in bags prior to entering the school site.

I travel on the bus to school, do I need to wear a face covering?

Yes, all students over 11 years old must wear face coverings on public transport in accordance to the law. Please bring a plastic bag to put it in during the day and remove it carefully, trying not to touch your face in the process.

Should I wear a face covering in school?

The government has made it clear to date that it is not necessary to wear face coverings in school as the school will be following the hierarchy of controls directed by SAGE. The school will neither encourage nor discourage the wearing of face coverings so it is up to personal preference. If you do wear one,  it should be a plain face mask which is suitable for school. Please do bring a plastic bag to put it in during meal times.


What entrance should I use and what time should I arrive?

All students should arrive on site between 8.30 am and 8.40 am. If you have to arrive prior to this, please contact the school on INSET day (1st September) and request access for Breakfast Club. There are a limited number of spaces available. Unlike last year, students may not enter the site before 8.30 am. During the first week, students will be given a copy of their timetable, colour coded for their year group. These may be used to ensure that year group bubbles are maintained at the multiple entry points.


Year Group

Entry Point

Hand wash area


Main gates/staff car park gates and through the Nurture room (E01). This will be part of the student tour on the first day of term.

Sanitiser/Nurture Room sink


Side gate located behind the Sports Hall and along the side of the astro turf to the back of the dining hall. This will be part of the student tour during their return to school.

Sanitiser/C Block ground floor toilets


Main gates then in through Student Reception.

Sanitiser/A Block toilets


Side gate located behind the Sports Hall and through the doors into the PE corridor.

Sanitiser/changing room toilets


Main gates then through Visitor Reception.

Hand sanitiser/kitchenette 


Where do I leave my bike?

There will be two bike sheds in operation, one next to the main school entrance and one next to the side gates by the PE corridor entrance. The bike shed by the Head of House office is now closed. Please use the bike shed nearest to your entrance, leaving yourself plenty of time to get yourself into school on time.  You must wear a cycle helmet when riding to and from school.

If there are students waiting to enter the school, how should we queue responsibly?

If you are queueing at your entrance point, please ensure that you are standing at least one metre from each other. Avoid physical contact and follow the usual queue etiquette (no queue jumping). There will be a member of staff supervising at each entry point.

Where do I go once I have entered the school?

You must go straight to your Period 1 lesson and sit in your allocated seat. Do not move around the room.

Where do I go if I am late?

If you are late into school you must go to main reception, where you will sanitise or wash your hands and be registered.

What will my classroom look like?

In most classrooms, your desks will be in rows facing the front. In the Science labs and DT rooms, where the benches are fixed to the ground, the room layouts will remain the same as last year. There will be space at the front of the classroom for the teacher to stand in front of the board.

When and where do I clean my hands during the school day?

There is hand sanitiser in every classroom. Students must use it before and after break and lunch to ensure that they can eat their food hygienically. Each year group has allocated toilets for break and lunch and hands can be washed here. Students will use hand sanitiser as they leave site from mentoring at the end of the day.

How can I be responsible for my own personal hygiene in school?

Each student must take responsibility for ensuring that they wash their hands or use hand sanitiser as they enter and leave school, before and after break and before and after lunch. You have been asked to bring a small bottle of personal hand sanitiser so that if you feel you need to use it more frequently, you are able to do so.

What happens if I feel unwell during the school day?

As always, we are operating a medical room and will have first aiders on site. If you are feeling unwell during a lesson, please tell your classroom teacher. If you are feeling unwell during a social time, please go to visitor reception.

When is my break and lunch time and which zone am I in?


Year Group

Break Time

Lunch Time

Indoor Zone

Outdoor Zone 





Picnic area at front of school




Main Hall

Covered area by main hall




Dining Hall

Running track 




Main Hall

Covered area by main hall




Dining Hall

Running track

 How do I move around the school site responsibly?

The “keep left” system will be in operation in all five blocks of the school and is intended to minimise the number of ‘pinch-points’ throughout the school. A one-way system will operate on the C Block stairways to avoid grouping and pinch points on the stairs.  The stairs closest to the dining hall will become Up stairs and the stairs closest to the astro turf will become Down stairs. The one way/keep left system is clearly marked throughout the school. The A Block stairways will be a key area where the keep left principle is reinforced through staff supervision.

How do I leave the site responsibly?

All students will leave the site via the external black gates between A Block and the CSET building. There will be a small stagger to ensure that movement across the site is calm. If you have a bike, you may then collect it from either bike shed. We will review this after the first few weeks.  Details of the staggered exit:-

Year 7

3.00 pm

Year 8

3.03 pm

Year 9

3.06 pm

Year 10 and 11

3.10 pm


 What does "respectful behaviour" mean in the classroom?

Respect is a core value at Mangotsfield School. In the classroom we expect you to treat each other as you would wish to be treated - fairly, politely and with kindness and consideration. We expect you to listen, to not speak over each other and to follow the classroom rules. Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, more than ever we expect you to respect each other’s personal space and belongings. We expect you to take responsibility for your personal hygiene (see above) so that you can respect the health of your peers.

What does "respecful behaviour" mean at social times?

Respect is a core value at Mangotsfield School. At social times we expect you respect the school environment, tidy away your rubbish in the correct way and ensure that you leave any social area as you would wish to find it. As always it is vital that you act responsibly and respectfully in the toilets.  Each year group has been allocated a break/lunch zone. Students must show respect for each other and the year group bubbles by staying within these zones.

How can I support and show respect to my friends if they become upset?

Every student on site has had a different experience over the last six months. Some may have experienced emotional challenges. If a student becomes upset, please alert your teacher who will organise for appropriate support.

How can I show respect to my teachers?

Every teacher and adult at Mangotsfield School has also had a different experience over the last six months. It is essential that you follow the guidelines: be ready, be responsible and be respectful so that both teachers and students can work together in and out of the classroom to ensure the best environment for all.

How can I respect my environment?

You must stay left in the corridors, follow the one-way systems, use your designated entrance and stay in your zone at break and lunch time. You must not leave any litter in social spaces and you must ensure that you use the toilets appropriately.

What happens if I cannot follow the guidelines - Be Ready, Be Responsible, Be Respectful?

Any student who does not follow one of our three school rules will be given a warning. Following a second breach, the student will be removed from the school community for a period of time so that they can reflect on their behaviour choices. For any serious breach of a school rule a student will be removed immediately without warning. Parents/carers will be informed of any removal from the school community.



Welcome to Mangotsfield School

Welcome to Mangotsfield School.  Our shared vision is to inspire all students to love learning, to embrace challenge, to understand how to show and earn respect and how to contribute towards our community.  With this at the heart of their time with us, our students will leave with the best chances and choices for their futures.

 For further insight into our school, please read my weekly letters to parents which celebrate our school community.

 Mrs Hetty Blackmore, Headteacher

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