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Mangotsfield Secondary

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Why do we study PSHE?

Personal, Social and Health Education is defined by the schools inspectorate Ofsted as a planned programme to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities.

Incorporating vital Citizenship content, our aims are to ensure students have a clear understanding of how they are developing, whilst having a clear knowledge of the wider society, preparing them for the world of work and how to live the life of an active citizen.

It also allows our students to explore issues pertinent to personal welfare, health and safety and safeguarding.

Meet the team

  • Miss Orford - In charge of PSHE

PSHE Programme of Study

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Love Learning, Love Yourself

Contributing to our Community

Respectful Relationships

Embracing Challenges we face in the modern world

Love Learning, Love Yourself

Respectful Relationships

Year 7

Transition and Safety

Diversity, Prejudice and Bullying

Self Concept: healthy lifestyles and the impact on society

Planning for your future. An introduction to CEIAG

Financial decision making:

Saving, borrowing, budgeting and making financial choices

Health and Puberty

Building relationships: Self-worth, romance and friendships

Year 8

Drugs and Alcohol

Discrimination in all its forms

My Community and my impact on it (First Give project)

Digital Literacy

Emotional Wellbeing

Identity and relationships

Year 9

Peer influence, substance use and gangs. Healthy and unhealthy friendships

Self concept: being responsible online- impact on society

Respectful relationships online

Families and Parenting

Conflict resolution and relationship changes

Careers: choices and pathways, progression, routes, aspirations and rights

Healthy lifestyles- diet, exercise, healthy choices and first aid.

Relationships and sex education

Year 10

Mental Health

Democracy and our role in and the impact we have on society

Addressing extremism and radicalisation.  Communities, belonging and challenging extremism.

Preparation for Work Experience

Financial decision making.  

The impact of financial decisions, debt, gambling and advertising on financial choices

Exploring influence. 

Healthy relationships

Year 11

Building for the future

-Self efficacy

-Stress Management

Future opportunities


Diversity in Modern Britain: Disability, gender and unconscious bias