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Mangotsfield Secondary

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Computer Science

Why do we study Computer Science?

  • Studying Computer Science empowers you to solve complex, challenging problems, enabling you to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Computing skills are essential in a wide range of professions, from astronomy to financial analysis – not just in IT related jobs!
  • There are many opportunities for travel and/or remote working for people with high-level computing skills.
  • Studying Computer Science can significantly improve performance in other academic subjects.
  • Computers are everywhere so understanding them puts you in charge of your world.

Meet the team

  • Ms Humphries - Head of Computer Science
  • Miss Markwell - Head of Vocational Studies
  • Mrs Grindley - Teacher of Computer Science

 KS3 Programme of Study

Year 7

Term 1 and 2: Unit 1 - Understanding Computers

Term 3 and 4: Unit 2 - Programming - Scratch

Term 5 and 6: Unit 3 - Website Creation (WIX)

Year 8

Term 1 and 2: Unit 1 - Networks

Term 3 and 4: Unit 2 - Programming - Python (1)

Term 5 and 6: Unit 3 - Unit 3 - Digital Graphics

Year 9

Term 1 and 2: Unit 1 - Databases

Term 3 and 4: Unit 2 - Programming - Python next steps (2)

Term 5 and 6: Unit 3 - Unit 3 - App Development

Course: AQA GCSE Computer Science

Students complete two papers during the course, these include:

Paper 1: Computational Thinking and Programming Skills - 50% GCSE.

Paper 2: Computing Concepts - 50% GCSE.

 GCSE Programme of Study

Year 10

Term 1, 2 and 3: Fundamentals of Algorithms and Programming

Term 4, 5 and 6: Fundamentals of Data Representation and Computer Systems

Year 11

Term 1, 2 and 3: Fundamentals of Computer Networks, Cyber Security and Relational Databases and Structured Query Language (SQL)

Term 4 and 5: Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society, including issues of privacy



BBC Bitesize

Oak Academy



BBC Bitesize


CGP AQA Computer Science Revision Guide


In KS3 low stakes quizzes are set once a fortnight for students to complete. In KS4 students are given extended homeworks such as exam questions, reading from the revision guide and mind map/revision card creation.