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Mangotsfield Secondary

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What is effective homework? What does the research say?

The Education Endowment Fund research on homework found that homework tasks, if planned effectively and closely related to the learning that takes place in the classroom, can lead to students gaining (+5 months) in progress. Homework should be an opportunity for consolidation of knowledge but also a chance for students to extend their ideas and thinking. 

 Where will homework be set?

Homework will be set on Google Classroom. We are looking to support students with time management skills and therefore all homework tasks for the week are uploaded by 9.00 am on Monday each week.   This will help students to learn the vital skills of planning ahead and managing their workload.  Homework is also an opportunity to promote independence and as such each subject’s homework plan should provide opportunities for students to use their subject’s knowledge organisers.  

 Examples of homework tasks:

  • Quiz questions based on information from the Knowledge Organiser via Google Classroom
  • Students are asked to self quiz based on their Knowledge Organiser which students then use as a starter at the beginning of the next lesson.  They could also be asked to quiz others.
  • Evidence of revision- for example creating flash cards related to a section of the knowledge organiser
  • Revision of a section and then questions on it at the start of the lesson
  • A literacy based homework that builds or extends on the information from the knowledge organiser for example an extension piece of reading that links back to content from the knowledge organiser.
  • Key vocabulary tests based (vocabulary should be part of the Knowledge Organiser)
  • Exam style questions
  • Planning for a debate on a topic that extends the learning
  • For creative subjects an extended project may be set.
  • Homework might utilise some of the online programmes to support learning for example Hegarty Maths, Seneca learning.

    Is there support in school for completing homework?

    We recognise that some students may not have access to ICT equipment at home.  The LRC is open from 8.30 am until 4.00 pm each day and staff are available there to support students with completing homework. 

Knowledge Organisers

At Mangotsfield we have developed knowledge organisers which summarise the key learning points that students will be learning in each subject.