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Mangotsfield Secondary

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Student Leadership

At Mangotsfield School, we believe that student leadership is an important element to enable young people to realise their true potential.  Student leadership helps to build essential skills such as motivation and confidence and ensures that our students are developing vital skills and experiences that will enable them to be successful during their time at Mangotsfield School and beyond.  We also promote the development of a sense of social responsibility in our students by encouraging them to be meaningful contributors in the local and global community.  Many of our young people have outstanding leadership potential and, throughout their school career, we provide the opportunity for them to develop leadership qualities and skills.

Student leadership opportunities at Mangotsfield School:

School Prefects

During the final term of Year 10, students are invited to apply to become school prefects: the prefect process is open to all students with the intention that every prefect is given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. To become a prefect, students are expected to find a member of staff who will sponsor their application.  The prospective students are then given their first leadership challenge: supporting Year 6 pupils on their Transition Day.  We ensure that the successful students are given the chance to show off their personal skills and talents.  All of our prefects are role models and are actively involved in supporting and contributing to life at Mangotsfield School.


Students from all year groups are invited to come and join their peers to explore ways that members of Mangotsfield School can make a positive contribution to addressing issues that affect our local and global environment.  The Eco-Group meets weekly to discuss environmental matters and informing their fellow students about ways that they too can make a difference to our world.  Through student-led assemblies, the Eco-Group has raised student awareness across the school

Well-Being Buddies

At Mangotsfield School, we take everyone’s well-being extremely seriously.  Our Well-Being Buddies are actively involved in supporting their peers and promoting ways to maintain good mental health.  The Well–Being Buddies are volunteers from every year group who are trained to listen.  They are available at lunchtime and break time to help others who need a bit of time and understanding.  The Well-Being Buddies regularly lead assemblies to ensure that mental health is not a taboo subject and that we work collaboratively to support each other.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Ensuring students feel safe is really important to everyone at Mangotsfield School.  Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors work closely with our Well-Being buddies to ensure that Mangotsfield students say “NO” to bullying.  The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been involved in writing our Anti-Bullying policy and are passionate to ensure that raise awareness about the impact of bullying, types of bullying and to ensure that students feel supported.  We are working towards achieving the prestigious Diana Award to show our commitment to preventing bullying in any form.


Diversity Group

Promoting and celebrating our differences is at the heart of the Diversity group.  The group is open to all students and meets weekly.  The students actively promote the principles of acceptance and deliver assemblies that promote the clear messages about tolerance, understanding and celebrating the diversity of our community.

Reading Coaches

Year 10 students can volunteer to support our younger students to develop their joy of reading. The Reading Coaches are trained to ensure they have the expertise to guide and encourage students in Years 7 and 8 to improve their reading skills.

Sports Leaders

Our Sports Leaders are volunteers who work with students from our primary feeder schools to develop their leadership skills.  There are many events throughout the year arranged by CSET Sport Partnership and our PE department.  Sports Leaders are given leadership training by CSET Sports Partnership to ensure they are developing their own skills and talents whilst inspiring younger students to love and engage with many different types of sporting activities.