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Year 11 Support and Revision


The Steps to Success document is designed to help students organise revision so that they are ready for exams, both the PPEs and the final GCSEs in the summer. It contains top tips on how to revise and what else you can do to be fully prepared for your exams. There is also a subject by subject guide which tells you the online revision tools that each subject uses and also includes advice on what revision guides to buy.   If you wish, you can purchase these through:


Each subject has divided their content into 12 sections.  The concept is that students revise one section, per subject, per week.  As the content is divided into 12, this allows the students to revisit the same content at least three times before they reach their GCSEs.  

A reminder of which section they should be revising will go onto the year 11 Google Classroom  every week. The order of the sections may change for some subjects, depending what is being taught in the classroom that week. Therefore students should follow their subject Google Classroom for any specific revision tasks set by their class teachers. 

It is important to start revising early. This means that it can be paced which should reduce stress levels and help the information to stay in the long term memory.  


This document is set up to pace revision allowing each topic to be revisited multiple times so that it can be fully absorbed.

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How it works

Step One

Week beginning 26th September – week beginning 2nd January (with 1 gap in the middle for PPE 2)

During this period you will revise everything once. Your teachers have split up revision into sections. Each week you’ll be given a section to focus on (this will be communicated via Google Classroom and in your lessons). You need to produce revision materials (e.g. mind maps, flash cards, posters, notes, PowerPoints etc) on each topic. These should be stored ready to revisit revision in step 2.

Step Two 

Week beginning 9th January - week beginning 27th March (with 1 gap for PPE 3)

During this period you will revisit each of the sections – eventually building up to two sections per week. During this time you should try to apply the knowledge e.g. do practice questions, test yourself (or get someone else to test you) to check what you do and don’t know. You can then add to your revision materials made in step one with any other information you are missing

Step Three

Week beginning 28th March - week beginning 1st May

This is your third re-visit of each section. During this time you really need to be working to commit this to memory. For most subjects practice is the best way to do this – make sure you try the hard questions now as well! If you are getting incorrect answers the best way to learn is to correct them. Use your revision materials, revision guides and your exercise book to help with this. 

Step Four

8th May – early July

This will be your core exam period, however your first exam might be before this date . During this time you are likely to be focused on the exams coming up each week. If you have followed steps 1-3 then this should be consolidating what you already know. Keep practising questions and working to commit information to memory (read-write-cover-check).