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Mangotsfield Secondary

  •           Friday 21st June - Inset Day 


Primary to Secondary Transition

Welcome to Mangotsfield School’s Primary Transition Page

We are incredibly excited to welcome our new cohort of students to Mangotsfield School and are looking forward to meeting the class of 2024!

Please click here for our Welcome Letter

Please see video from current Year 7 parents with advice about how to support your child around transition to Mangotsfield School.  Video from parents


We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students Mangotsfield School in September 2024. We’re thrilled that you have chosen Mangotsfield School and we can't wait to meet you all and start your journey with us. Over the coming weeks this page will be updated with lots of detail and information about our transition programme as well as useful information for both students and parents to prepare for September. 

We appreciate that starting secondary school is a big step for everyone. You might be feeling worried, anxious, excited – or all of those feelings and more! We have a team of people who are here to make you feel welcome and safe.

Please don’t worry - we are here to fully support you. We will be using this page on our website, as well as other methods of communication to make sure that your transition is as smooth and easy as we can.

There is no doubt that you and your family will have many questions about starting at Mangotsfield School. Should you have any questions please contact us at man-info@cset.co.uk and we will respond as soon as possible. 

We are very excited to meet you

Welcome to Year 6 





Transition Key Dates

Term 6: 

Visits to primaries: during the first few weeks of term 6, a team from our school will visit our larger feeder schools to meet the students and gather information from primary school staff. 

Smaller feeder schools: if your child is moving to Mangotsfield School from smaller feeder schools or moving into the area for Year 7, they will be invited to attend an information evening on Monday 17th June from 4.30-5.30pm where they will meet key staff and other new students.

Transition day: this is a welcome event for Year 6 students who are joining us at Mangotsfield School in September. The Transition Day is on Friday 28th June 2024. All your primary schools have been notified. 

Meet the mentor evening: We will be hosting an evening for parents to meet their child's new mentor on Monday 1st July 2024 from 5.30-7pm.

Summer Challenge Days: Over the summer holidays Mangotsfield School will once again be running our Challenge Days to help those students who are joining us in September become more familiar with the environment and push themselves to embrace new challenges. This event will take place on Wednesday 21st-Thursday 22nd August 2024 from 9.00-3.15pm.  More information on how to sign up for this exciting event will be released on the 20th March 2024.

Year 6 Instrumental Letter - 2024


 Q) Will my child visit Mangotsfield School for a transition day?

A) Yes.  We will be inviting all students who have accepted a place to start with us in September 2024 to attend their Transition Day on Friday 28thJune.  Throughout the day you will spend time with your mentor and teaching staff, build new friendships and experience the daily routines and opportunities at our fantastic school. We look forward to welcoming you!

Q) Will my child be in the same mentor group as their friends?

A) We are keen to support and make the transition to secondary school as smooth as possible. However, we are also keen to stress that this is a period of time like no other for making new friends. During conversations with your child’s primary school teacher we will be sharing information about the most supportive groupings and it is likely that your child will know someone from their primary school. We cannot, however, guarantee this will be their closest friend. Lessons are not taught in mentor groups and it is likely that they will have plenty of time to meet with friends throughout the school day.

Q) What equipment will my child need for starting in September?

A) Alongside our uniform (more information to follow) your child will require basic equipment to access learning in the classroom. All students must have the following equipment everyday

  • The correct uniform, including a tie and blazer/jumper
  • A bag, big enough to hold an A4 file
  • Pens, pencil, eraser, ruler and a pencil case
  • Any specialist equipment e.g. PE kit, scientific calculator (Casio FX-83GT X Scientific calculator) and/or ingredients.

Q) What are the timings of the school day?

AThe school day starts at 08.45. All students must be on the quad and lined up in their mentor groups before the whistle at 08.45. The day consists of 5 lessons and a dedicated mentor reading session. Students are dismissed at 3.10pm.

Q) Will you get in trouble if you get lost when you first arrive?

A) No. We will show you strategies to help you find your way so we’re really confident that you will know your way around Mangotsfield really soon! You will notice that the teachers at Mangotsfield stand at the classroom doors during each lesson changeover. There is always an adult nearby if you can’t find your way. We will also encourage you to ask the older Mangotsfield students if you’re lost. They will always be willing to help you – and one day, you’ll be one of the older ones who is helping the new Year 7 students! Of course, you’ll know from our behaviour guidelines that you are not allowed to be late to lessons, but this doesn’t apply to our new Year 7 students in the first few weeks. We want you to feel safe, welcome and happy at school.

Q) Can I bring a mobile phone into school?

A) Your mobile phone may be brought with you to school so that your parents can communicate with you during your journey to school. However, once you arrive in school your phone will need to be turned off and placed in your bag. Should your phone be seen by a member of staff (whether you are using it or not) during the school day it will be confiscated and placed securely behind reception for you to collect at the end of the school day. 

Welcoming students

Mr John - Assistant Headteacher
Hello and welcome to Mangotsfield School! My name is Mr John and I am Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of History and PE. A big part of my role is supporting students from primary school to secondary school. I am sure that you are all a mixture of excited and nervous about the challenges and changes that await you but please know that we will be here to support you as much as you need. There will be many opportunities for you in secondary school both inside and outside the classroom. I will be making sure that the environment in school means you are confident enough to accept these challenges and push yourselves as far as you can. I look forward to meeting you all.
Mr Cirelli - Head of House
A warm welcome to all the new students who will be joining us in September. I am very excited to be welcoming you to Mangotsfield School and sharing your journey with us through secondary school. My name is Mr Cirelli and I am a Science teacher and will be one of the Heads of House.  My role is to support you in your transition to secondary school and to help shape you into an outstanding  Mangotsfield student. My favourite school value is Love Learning and what inspires my passion for science and teaching is a famous quote by the scientist Carl Sagan “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
Miss Hawkins - Head of House

My name is Miss Hawkins and I am a Head of House.  My main aim is for you to feel happy and confident in your learning as well as ready to challenge yourself.  Mentors, students and myself are all expected to rise to the learning challenge every day in every action as well as being respectful and community-minded.

I am a Science Teacher and may teach some of you next year. I enjoy the practicals as well as discovering new ideas. My favourite part is chemistry and you can often find me in the lab trying out new ideas.

Outside of school I am a keen walker and like to visit new places. I can often be found looking around castles or walking on beaches in the local area. I also like to read.

I look forward to meeting you all in September and welcoming you to the supportive, positive community of Mangotsfield School

Mr Evans & Mrs Gilpin - Joint Heads of House
Hello all, I'm Mrs Gilpin and the Co-Head of Head alongside Mr Evans.  I teach PE and have represented my county in swimming and rugby.  I also play netball and tennis and enjoy to dance.  
I'm a big believer in 'practice makes perfect' and by practising to be your best everyday it becomes a habit and before you know it you'll be the best version of yourself with minimal effort.
My favorite school value is community, having a sense that you belong to a group of connected people wanting to achieve great things together. When you join us here at Mangotsfield you will be part of various communities including your mentor group, year group and house - Pomphrey and the School itself.  You can also be a part of various club communities such as sports teams, science club, climbing club and so on
Hello, I'm Mr Evans! I am the Co-Head of House with Mrs Gilpin and I teach Geography. I am massively into sport, playing Rugby, Football and Golf. This plays a big role as to why I am so competitive!

My favourite school value is challenge. Secondary school is all about being the best version of yourself and learning how to grow with change. None of this is achievable without overcoming challenges and setting yourself goals to achieve. When you finish in year 11, the sense of achievement after looking back at the previous 5 years of goals and challenges will be unrivalled.

I can remember how daunting the thought of secondary school can be, so I know what feelings you re going through. Together we will make the journey as smooth as possible. Exciting times!









Miss Markwell - Head of House
Hello Year 6!  I hope you are looking forward to your move up to Mangotsfield School. My name is Miss Markwell and I am a Head of House, I also teach Food and Nutrition and Health and Social Care in school. I will be there to ensure you make the best possible start at secondary school, supporting and guiding you along the way. I hope that during your time in secondary school you will embrace school life and represent our house excellently by following the school values as well as taking on any opportunities that come your way. I can't wait to meet you all soon.


 Welcome video for parents


 Essential Information


Key Dates

3rd June 2024 - Primary school visits commence
17th June 2024 -  Smaller school parent and student welcome gathering (invite only)
28th June 2024 -  Transition Day (all students to arrive at Mangotsfield School for 08.30 am)
1st July 2024 -  Meet the Mentor evening (5.30 pm -7.00 pm)
21st & 22nd August 2024 -  Summer Challenge Days (more information to follow)